Fantasy leagues have always been extremely popular and are gaining players every year. NFL leagues have had 38 million players worldwide and a huge range of websites and apps which provide different features and prizes. The European soccer league is gaining in popularity and there were over 8 million players at last count. Cricket (particularly in India) has a huge market potential and already has over 100 million players.

The NFTFantasy team specializes in analyzing the best websites and apps for fantasy leagues in the NFT world, our focus is on finding the most innovative, interesting and user-friendly sites. We provide you with all the information you need to find the right features for you.

What Is A Fantasy League?

A fantasy league is much like a normal sports league, the difference being that players pick existing athletes and assemble a fantasy team with which they compete. The actual personal and achievement statistics from their real-life performances are what generates the statistics which are used in the fantasy league.

Depending on the type of league, other factors may come into play. Especially when we add blockchain technology into the mix. With some baseball cards costing thousands of dollars, we can easily imagine how both audio and video NFTs minted depicting specific historical athletes and sporting events will take over the digital collectibles space and be considered of very high value. Imagine actually owning a digital video slice of Game 6??

How Do NFTs Fit Into Fantasy Sport Leagues

Many people love sports, both fantasy and real. The trending fantasy sports are now available with NFTs. What makes them valuable is that they are hard to earn. Some of them are also exceedingly rare and this makes them more desirable.

Some games allow you to earn NFTs by achieving targets or winning a game or championship, others you must buy. In both cases this is full of fun, and you can make your own collection of fantasy sports NFTs.

The best fantasy leagues in 2023

This type of gaming has not yet grown too large and therefore we have only a few worldwide that trigger our radar.

  • association


  • American Football (NFL Fantasy Football)

    35+ million

  • Football (Fantasy Premier League)

    8+ million

  • Cricket (Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports)

    100+ million

In the United States there are several other fantasy sports leagues, like baseball, basketball and ice hockey that also have quite the community.

How To Get Your Fantasy League Started?

There are a few simple steps to start your new adventure into fantasy sports. First, you need to select what league you will join. Then select the team that you will support and start the game. Then you will be able to review the options for buying or earning NFTs. Practice more to become a better player and get as many items as possible.

Every league has its own community, so a clever idea would be to join one of them and be in touch with other players as well. You can learn some interesting moves from the most experienced players that you can apply to in your next game. There may be some auctions or discounts on NFTs, you just need to follow the community!

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